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How to Create a Designer Shelf in 10 Minutes

ByThe Artling Team
How to Create a Designer Shelf in 10 Minutes

Here at The Artling, we understand that seeing is believing, which is why visualizing how an artwork will complement your space is crucial in making the right decision. Yet, the whole process can often be extremely cumbersome. When sourcing for shelves in projects, you will often have to source from twenty different designers just to fill the space. After that, you have to individually crop, edit and render to scale into the space, let alone ensuring all the items can fit within the budget. We know that it can all become extremely time-consuming and impractical. Now, imagine if all these tasks could be accomplished in a few simple clicks, all in one space!

A Solution to Your Problems

With The Artling’s “Try it in your space” feature, discovering and placing new objects in your space has never been easier. This feature allows you to digitally position the objects into your space, instantly rendering them to scale onto your shelf. You can effortlessly experiment with an array of art styles, sizes and placements to find the perfect combination that suits your aesthetics, offering a realistic and convenient way to elevate your project.

Forget having to scour the depths of the internet just to find the perfect object -- find all the products that you need directly on and position all of them at once on your shelf.

Take a look at some of our very own projects that have been done with ease thanks to our visualization tool.

Before: Render of Shelf using Visualization Tool

After: Designed Shelf

Before: Render of Shelf using Visualization Tool

After: Designed Shelf

Before: Render of Shelf using Visualization Tool

After: Designed Shelf

For a corporate collection in Jakarta, we made use of our visualization tool to curate unique pieces from The Artling to deck out the shelves in the space. Thanks to this tool, we were able to mix and match objects effortlessly all in one space, making it an overall smooth process for the project management team.

Overall, with this feature, you can make informed decisions and create captivating spaces with confidence and we are here to guide you on how to fully use it to its maximum potential. Unlock the potential of your designs with our visualization feature and elevate your projects with these simple steps.

How to Use the Visualisation Feature

1. Find “My Projects” and click on the ”Renders / Photo gallery” tab. Do ensure you have added a few design objects to your project beforehand. To learn how to add to a project, click here.

2. Click on the "Try our visualization tools" button.

3. Select "View on shelf".

4. Enter the dimensions of your shelf in the "Width", "Height" and "Depth" fields.

5. Drag the pointers on each corner of the shelf to mark out the area you would like to place the design items on. Once that's done, click on the 'go to next step' button.

6. Select the items that you want to see in your space. Clicking on multiple items allows you to see the pieces together.The items will be generated on the image of your shelf. You can download the image to your computer by clicking the "download image" button.

Try Out Our Visualization Feature with these Objects

Effortless Project Management

As an Artling Trade user, the process of managing projects is remarkably straightforward. Simply add items to a Project and The Artling will take care of the rest. With the help of our innovative sourcing and visualization feature , users will gain efficiency in the project management process, receiving client approval faster. Say goodbye to navigating multiple platforms to source, the Artling Trade consolidates thousands of works by artists and designers in one place. Once you’ve chosen your selected works, simply submit them to the Artling Trade for quotation, and we’ll do the rest! It’s an effortless way to streamline projects and ensure a smooth outcome all the same time.

Click here to start exploring our large collection of artworks and experience first-hand how our visualization feature can enhance your efficiency and creativity.

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