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Highlights from Art Fair Philippines 2024!

ByThe Artling Team
Highlights from Art Fair Philippines 2024!

Image Courtesy of Art Fair Philippines

With a total of 55 exhibitors spanning across five floors, Art Fair Philippines, which took place from February 15th to 18th, 2024, served as a captivating platform for the convergence of modern and contemporary art. Below, we present the standout moments and highlights from this year's exceptional fair!


Be a Tree Now by Eugenio Ampudia

Image Courtesy of Art Fair Philippines

In partnership with the Embassy of Spain in Manila, Art Fair Philippines 2024 featured a special exhibition by Spanish artist Eugenio Ampudia entitled Be A Tree Now. Ampudia’s works often re-creates real and imaginary spaces using visual imagery to explore our emotional connections to them.

Be a Tree Now is a participatory movement that responds to the call for climate justice by using dance to dissolve the divide between humans and nature.

They Think We Still Grant Wishes by Jonathan Ching

Image Courtesy of Art Fair Philippines

Jonathan Ching is a painter based in Manila, Philippines. His new works for the fair exhibited the same skilled restraint that generates wonder about the act of offering. In relatively smaller paintings, the flowers are placed against plastic table cloths used in local households and carinderias. He takes interest in the layers of realities and the meaning that emerges: “The paintings depict real flowers placed on top of paintings of flowers—the divine is placed on a mundane setting—the sacred on top of kitsch.”

Dialectic Disruptions by Jigger Cruz

Image Courtesy of Art Fair Philippines

In the same room where Jigger Cruz worked on his pieces for the Art Fair are a tangle of wires and boxy machines that he uses to play his own electro-mechanical music. By his side is his four-year old daughter, playing with her own art materials and beaming delight in her own creation.

All these factors are shown in Cruz’ new series of compositions as he sculpted layers upon layers of paint to build sculptural forms that step out of the canvas.

Ceremonials by Gean Brix Garcia under the Karen H. Montinola Selection

Image Courtesy of Art Fair Philippines

Gean Brix Garcia chose a theme that fits an Art Fair perfectly. His series titled Ceremonials presented a selection of social gatherings, from the lofty to the quotidian. Its massive scale involved its audience to become part of the odd assembly.

Dengung Hyena (Hyena Resounding) by Taloi Havini

Image Courtesy of the Artling

Taloi Havini, born into this tribe in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, documented this phenomena in her work Dengung Hyena. As human activities caused the decline in the health of coastal habitats, coral bleaching has become a common sight along reefs throughout the Pacific ocean. Yet amid this destruction, nature persistently shows us signs of revival. Havini distills this immense respect for the cycle of life and death into a collaborative four and a half minute video. Havini's video footage of the ritual is overlaid with Indonesian-Australian sound artist Michael Toisuta’s recording of his exploration of a Banyuwangi gamelan set.

LOVERBOY by Mr. StarCity

Image Courtesy of Art Fair Philippines

In his series titled LOVERBOY, David “Mr. StarCity” White unveiled portraits of passion and vulnerability. The paintings are expressionistic; using soil and sand he forms figures through tactile patchwork of rough, irregular fields of color. The expressions on their faced raise curiosity from its viewers: it could be a smile, a scorn, or a face of worry. They carry a candid quality of a face not posing for a camera.

Rediscovering: Rod. Paras-Perez by Rod. Paras-Perez

Image Courtesy of Art Fair Philippines

A reintroduction to one of the most influential figures in the history of Philippine Modern and Contemporary Art, Rediscovering Rod Paras-Perez is an exhibition that brings together a comprehensive selection of works from the artist's estate spanning decades of artistic and literary work– many of which will be seen in public for the first time.

This special exhibit aimed to invite the viewers to rediscover the works of multi-hyphenate Rod. Paras-Perez (1934-2011), who was not just a celebrated author, art critic, and art historian, but also an artist himself.

Pambabae: Exploring Abstraction by Women Artists 1969-1989

Image Courtesy of Art Fair Philippines

Pambabae aimed to explore Abstract Art created by a selection of female artists between 1969 to 1989, framed within two decades that saw an explosion of creativity in the arts, starting from the creation of the Cultural Center of The Philippines, and capped off by a year where many historic world events and changes took place ranging from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the beginnings of the World Wide Web.

Tuklas ℅ Eskinita Art Farm by Tuklas Collab

Image Courtesy of Art Fair Philippines

After months of discussions and long days of working together, a group of 18 artists unveiled two six-feet tall paintings for ArtFairPH. This is one of the many projects lined up for the young artists under Tuklas, a mentorship program spearheaded by Alfred Esquillo and Renato Habulan.



Image Courtesy of Art Fair Philippines.

Since 2018, Art Fair Philippines’ Photo section had shone a spotlight on photography as part of the contemporary art landscape in the country.

Its sole exhibitor this 2024 is FotomotoPH, a Manila-based photographers' collective dedicated to promoting Philippine contemporary photography through its annual exhibitions, open-call programs & collaborations with art spaces throughout the archipelago.



Image Courtesy of Art Fair Philippines

Curated by Moira Lang, NO SHOWING is a hangout / speakeasy / watering hole / listening party / dancefloor / breathing space for filmmakers and filmgoers to weigh, diagnose, and compare notes and remedies on the state of moviemaking and moviegoing in the Philippines.


Authenticity Zero Collective

Image Courtesy of Art Fair Philippines

TAZC is a collaborative platform where artists and designers probe the status of local art through non-representational articulations. It questions the role of context and content in a creative output, its precedence, or whether it should be treated as an object independent from style and authorship or vice versa.

Manila Illustration Fair: Bagay-bagay

Image Courtesy of Art Fair Philippines

Bagay-bagay was an Art Fair PH 2024 exhibit that uplifts the magic of illustration as fine art featuring illustrations applied on 18 objects by 18 artists. 


Art Cube Gallery: Sinous Architecture and Evocative Forms by Ramon Orlina

Image Courtesy of the Artling

Curated by Carlomar Arcangel Daoana, Sinous Architecture and Evocative Forms by Ramon Orlina exhibition held profound significance within contemporary Philippine art, offered a compelling showcase of a master artist who remains at the pinnacle of his creative prowess. Never complacent and always pushed the envelope of his artistry, Orlina epitomizes his belief that an artist worth their salt doesn’t have the word “retirement” in their vocabulary.

Art Undergroundkaida A Hundred by Arce

Image Courtesy of Art Fair Philippines

Presented by Art Underground, Arce explored the intersection of abstraction and sculptural intricacies with “100.” The exhibition extended beyond traditional boundaries and the aesthetic realm, incorporating repurposed frames and warped canvases that contribute to a unique and cohesive depiction.

Art Verité Gallery: Dog Eat Dog, Rat Eat Rat Cedrick Dela Paz

Image Courtesy of Art Fair Philippines

Art Verité presented Cedrick Dela Paz as its featured artist for this year’s Art Fair Philippines. Dela Paz’s exhibition, titled Dog Eat Dog, Rat Eat Rat, offered a profound exploration of the relentless struggle for dominance among competing forces.

Dog Eat Dog, Rat Eat Rat maintained Dela Paz’s signature figuration and a dark color palette, but it signifies a shift towards a more profound investigation into the societal order. It underscored the unsettling reality that achieving balance remains elusive as long as the distribution of resources remains skewed.

Artemis Art: Humans Of The World by Dedy Sufriadi, Oky Rey Montha, Syahbandi Samat, and Taufik Ermas

Image Courtesy of Art Fair Philippines

Artemis Art featured Humans Of The World, a collection of artworks by Dedy Sufriadi, Oky Rey Montha, Syahbandi Samat, and Taufik Ermas. Each with their unique approach and style, Humans Of The World provides us with a glimpse into what defines our humanity, as seen through the eyes, ears, and souls of the four participating artists. The physical and spiritual sides of what makes us ‘human’ are both explored in these works, collectively providing us with a brief look at the many facets that make up the entirety of the human experience.

Cartellino: UN/FAMILIAR TERRITORIES: The Art of Tagging and Wall Bombing of Pilipinas Street Plan

Image Courtesy of Art Fair Philippines

UN/FAMILIAR TERRITORIES: The Art of Tagging and Wall Bombing of Pilipinas Street Plan, curated by Jaime Pacena II, is an exhibition that positioned graffiti as a terrain of change in form, site, and history. It charts a historical look at the art form through the works of the members of the Pilipinas Street Plan collective.

The show departed from the acts of tagging and wall bombing—two core techniques in the art of graffiti. Its participating artists pursue practices in diverse trajectories today: some in photography, painting, and design, among a few.

Galerie Stephanie: Equilibrium & All

Image Courtesy of Art Fair Philippines

Equilibrium & All showcased the diverse works of Farley del Rosario, Keiko Yokoyama, Kim Borja, Vincent de Pio, Jobert Cruz, and Teo Cacnio. Through paintings and sculptures expressed different moods, these acclaimed artists explore the theme of finding balance.

Kaida Contemporary

Image Courtesy of the Artling

Kaida Contemporary has steadfastly served as a springboard for today's most sought-after emerging and established Filipino artists since 2006.

Introduced by the gallery in AFP 2018 was a manner of archiving works of artists where scarcity of space is treated to contain more ‘titles’ as library place, space for experience as a repository of artist’s independent studio research output. This space served as collaborative information disseminator contributing to the visual culture. Library space created inquiry and allow guest to examine current practices of various artists. Folios emphasize that works of artists that are integrally bound to the libraries, and the exhibition affect how guests conduct their way of looking at artworks. Space provided a location for critical review, create dialogue, and discover potential of various artists working on different media.

Orange Project: “B U T A W “

Image Courtesy of Art Fair Philippines

In Pusoy, “butaw” or “offsuit” generally refered to a hand with cards that lack coordination or a strong combination. It implied having a set of cards that don’t form a powerful sequence or combination, making it less likely to win against opponents with stronger hands. (Words by: Stanford Uy)

Pinto Art Museum: Isl­­­­­and Life

Image Courtesy of Art Fair Philippines

Isl­­­­­and Life encapsulated the tropical charm and atmosphere of the Philippines, inviting attendees on a journey through the diverse landscapes, seascapes, and natural wonders that define our nation. The exhibition, curated by Carlomar Arcangel Daoana, carefully weaved a narrative celebrating our archipelagic identity. This collection of paintings and sculptures not only reflected the essence of our country but also aligns with the healing and wellness philosophy advocated by our esteemed founder, Dr. Joven Cuanang.

Qube Gallery: Familiar Echoes by Janine Barrera, Golda King, Amanda Luym and Jewelle Yeung

Image Courtesy of Art Fair Philippines

For Art Fair Philippines 2024, Qube gallery featured four renowned women artists from Cebu—Janine Barrera, Golda King, Amanda LuYm, and Jewelle Yeung. Their selection follows a year of careful planning and reflects deep ties formed through past collaborations and exhibitions.

This exhibition showcased a rich dialogue across varied artistic forms: from Barrera’s evocative landscapes and Yeung’s gestural abstractions to King’s expansive landscapes and LuYm’s digital collages, each artist offers a unique lens on contemporary life and landscapes.

For further details regarding Art Fair Philippines 2024, click here. Additionally, stay updated on their website for forthcoming announcements regarding the highly anticipated 2025 edition!

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