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An Insider’s Look: Artyzen Singapore

ByThe Artling Team
An Insider’s Look: Artyzen Singapore

Exterior, Artzen Singapore. Image courtesy Artyzen Singapore.

The Artyzen Hotel art collection emphasises the distinct identity and character of each artwork, leading guests on a journey of curious discovery throughout the various spaces, showcasing a variety of media and infusing a colorful contemporary edge into the space.

The selected artworks and objects for the collection complemented the interior design and architecture, while also reflecting aspects of Singapore's unique cultural heritage. The vision of Singapore as a tropical garden city and the Peranakan history and narrative of the site were also brought out in specific artworks and design objects.

Project Information

  • Location: Singapore
  • Client: Artyzen Hospitality Group
  • Project Type: Hospitality
  • Project Scope: Public Spaces & Outdoor
  • Services Provided: Art Consultancy
  • Status: Completed
  • Artling Project Team: Talenia Phua Gajardo, Ivy Chang, Tina Rim
  • Interior Designer: G+A
  • Year Completed: 2023

Process and Collaborators

In collaboration with interior designers G+A, The Artling infused a Peranakan flair into the hotel's ambiance. Meticulous coordination ensured the seamless integration of graphics that now adorn the hotel's public spaces, layered on top of intricate structures and surfaces that enhance character.

Timeless Peranakan I / II / III by Terence Tan, courtesy of The Artist.

The two local artists we collaborated with closely are Terence Tan and Aeropalmics. Drawing inspiration from Peranakan culture, we engaged in a months-long creative process, working collaboratively to conceptualize and refine designs that seamlessly complemented the unique atmosphere of each area.

The resulting artworks now bring a vibrant and distinctive charm to the hotel's living spaces, restaurant, and lobbies.

Flourishing KumCheng, Tiffin Tapestry by Terence Tan. Image courtesy of the artist.

Mocking up the designs on the walls enabled us to make meticulous adjustments and enhancements. The precision demanded for the intricately cut-out metal structures below, which served to divide the space, required thorough consideration to ensure that the designs were flawlessly laser-cut and seamlessly applied as intended.

Image render of Peranakan Graphics By Aeropalmics. Image courtesy of the artist and Artyzen.

Image render of Peranakan Graphics By Aeropalmics. Image courtesy of the artist and Artyzen.

The Artling collaborated with artist Lyman Whitaker, strategically situating kinetic sculptures in environments with natural elements for movement. We meticulously ensured their stability, aiming to evoke a sense of fascination for people to appreciate and enjoy.

Setting out plan for Desert Palm by Lyman Whitaker. Image courtesy of the artist.

The Artling also installed steel sculptures by Simon Periton, including 'Guerilla Gardener' and 'Outdoor Miner'. These sculptures are crafted from relatively thin steel, painted to explore concepts of beauty and surface texture, all while maintaining a delicate appearance.

Setting out plan for Guerilla Gardener by Simon Periton. Image courtesy of the artist.

The Art Collection

Our goal with this collection was to blend the bustling urban nature of the metropolis with its greener side, achieved through either the theme of the artwork or the use of natural materials, imparting a distinctive texture and personality to the collection.

With a mixture of artworks from both local Singaporean and international artists, the artworks create points of interest that encourage dialogue among guests.

Commissioned graphics for indoor spaces

2_'Warming Splendor' by Terence Tan for Artyzen Singapore. Image courtesy Terence Tan.

Terrence Tan's designs draw inspiration from Peranakan-ware or pottery, featuring motifs adopted from the late Qing dynastic period. The designs incorporate vibrant motifs of phoenix and peony in rich colors. The phoenix symbolizes fire, fertility, and a stable rebirth, while peonies represent love and affection. Peranakan-ware is traditionally associated with celebrations and serves as auspicious symbols of happiness, beauty, and wealth.

These motifs, inspired by Peranakan-ware, now embellish the lifts in Artyzen, creating an ambiance for guests. The full height panels in the lift are backlit, providing warmth and light to the space, enhancing the overall atmosphere with the cultural richness and symbolism of these intricate designs.

'Tiffin Tapestry', 'Warming Splendor' by Terence Tan for Artyzen Singapore. Image courtesy Terence Tan.

“One of the best way to learn about culture is through architectural heritage. Peranakan designs in this aspect are special because they are a direct result of the cross cultural marriage of Chinese settlers and the local Malay communities. Through understanding, appreciating the architecture and design concepts, one can actually trace the development timeline of Singapore through the late 1800s to 1960s. Many peranakans are also leaders of communities which they serve, protect and develop. Hence, preservation and appreciation of this unique architectural heritage is important for younger generations.” — Terence Tan

'Timeless Peranakan' By Terence Tan for Artyzen Singapore. Image courtesy Terence Tan.

Adorning the walls are hand-drawn Orchid flowers, beloved symbols in Singaporean culture, representing history, charm, and sophistication, while paying homage to the rich Peranakan legacy, bridging the past and present.

Lift Lobby, Artyzen Singapore. Peranakan Graphics By Aeropalmics, courtesy of the artist.

Lift Lobby, Artyzen Singapore. Peranakan Graphics By Aeropalmics. Image courtesy of Artyzen Singapore.

“The iconic Peranakan tiles serve as the inspiration for these motifs, representing vibrant Peranakan culture—a fusion of Chinese, Malay, and Indonesian influences. These intricately designed shapes have become symbols of Peranakan heritage, reflecting prosperity, protection, and beauty." — Aeropalmics

Cafe Quenino, Artyzen Singapore. Peranakan Graphics By Aeropalmics. Image courtesy of Artyzen Singapore.

Art for the outdoors

Guerilla Gardener by Simon Periton. Image courtesy of the artist.

Outdoor Miner by Simon Periton. Image courtesy of the artist.

The Guerilla Gardener and Outdoor Miner sculptures by Simon Periton find their place in the outdoor space, selected to allow the transformation of a humble leaf into an elevated and enlarged representation at human scale, evoking a profound sense of wonder.

The sculptures transform the outdoor space by subtly infusing his leaf sculpture with vibrant colors. The intricate network of dark veins accentuates the leaf's structure, intensifying its visual impact. This play with color challenges the ordinary, prompting viewers to reconsider and appreciate the extraordinary beauty in nature.

11h20 By Laurène Guarneri. Image courtesy of the artist.

A collection of 11h20 mirror pieces intricately embellish a Peranakan tiled wall situated just outside the restrooms. Diverging from conventional mirrors, these pieces not only serve a functional purpose but also actively encourage interaction. They introduce a captivating layer of depth, inspired by the aesthetic allure of rain and puddles, elevating the overall visual experience in this space.

Capturing the essence of fleeting moments that often vanish, these mirrors freeze such moments, providing an opportunity for contemplation and allowing this ephemeral beauty to persist in other spaces and times, creating a connection that transcends the immediate surroundings.

Desert Palm by Lyman Whitaker. Image courtesy of Artyzen Singapore.

Through thoughtfully situating the sculptures within environments influenced by natural elements, these artistic creations emerge organically from the ground, embodying the essence of creative energy and kinetic potential, symbolizing new opportunities. It is the artist's aspiration that these sculptures ignite a collective sense of fascination and joy, appealing to a diverse audience and fostering a shared experience.

Artyzen Singapore Penthouse. Image courtesy Artyzen Singapore.

A big thank you to all the talented artists and designers who contributed to our extraordinary project! Need artwork for your hospitality projects? Contact our expert consultants here!

Do you need help with artwork for your hospitality projects? We'd love to hear from you! Contact our expert team of consultants here.

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